About me

I was born in the city of Lleida ( for those whose do not know where it is, it’s in Catalonia, Spain ) and …. well, if you’re reading this, i suppose that you don’t want a biography, so let’s jump 18 years.

18 years after my birth, i began a Technical Engineering in Computer Systems at the UdL (Universitat de Lleida). That was a great experience, adding the fact that my concerns taken me to personal projects as diverse as the design of virtual tracks (for example being part of the team who made the Motorland Aragon project for rFactor) and the creation of personalized websites.

At this moment, with the objective of specialize myself in the world of research and confront a PhD thesis, I am studying a Computer Engineer Master, and collaborating as research assistant at GRIHO (Grup de Recerca en Interacció Persona Ordinador i Integració de Dades), to adquire some experience. In addition, i work as part-time professor at the Computer Engineering Degree.

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